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Here’s what our recent customers, the Edward Brothers, thought about their experience with Aussie Loans:

“We had fantastic service from Jim at Aussie Loans. Loved prompt service and fast approval of our loan.” – Edward Brothers, February 2018

Car Loan Brisbane

What sort of loan were you looking for? We were looking to finance a good used 4WD vehicle.

How did Aussie Loans finance rates compare to others in the market? Their finance rate was brilliant.

How would you rate your experience with Aussie Loans? Fantastic! 5/5 stars.

What impressed you most about our service? We were impressed by Jim’s prompt communication, his level of finance knowledge and our fast approval.

Would you recommend Aussie Loans? Yes.

4WD Loan Brisbane

Why choose Aussie Loans for a car loan Brisbane?

  1. Fast, friendly service from our team of loan specialists
  2. Easy application process – apply online here or call us on 1300 256 267
  3. Hassle free and saves you time – we negotiate the best rates for you, to suit your personal circumstances
  4. Low finance rates – we speak to dozens of potential lenders to find the lowest rate so you don’t have to

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