5 Tips for Buying A Car

Buying a new or used car is an exciting and fun time, but you want to make sure you’re getting the best deal on your car and great value for money.

Whether you’re looking for your first car or you’re upgrading to later model, it’s important to be prepared before you go out shopping!

Here are Aussie Loans top five tips for taking the hassle out of buying a car and ensuring you get a good deal!

Research car prices

Do your research at home before you hit the caryards. You can do this by looking online at some web sites like Carsales.com.au or Carsguide.com.au. This should give you a basic understanding of the type of car and the amount that you will have to spend to achieve this. You need to know what the high figure and the low figure are so that you know that you are getting a good deal.

Look out for dealer promotions, for example; ‘free on-road costs’ means that they are selling the car cheaper than private sellers do. If you buy from a private seller, you will have to fit the bill for the on road costs.

Know what you want before you leave home

Have a list of non-negotiable criteria including the maximum price you are willing to pay and features and benefits that are important to you such as fuel economy, comfort to drive, anti-lock brakes, air conditioning and fuel type. This will help focus your search and help you stay on budget.

Lock in your car finance

Here at Aussie Loans we take the hard work out of financing your next vehicle. Whether you’re buying your first car, upgrading or purchasing a vehicle for work purposes and you have ABN. Aussie Loans offer competitive car finance rates and work closely with many Brisbane caryards to ensure you can get behind the wheel quickly once you’ve decided which car you want to purchase.

Not sure how much you can loan? Find car finance confusing? Got a finance question before you buy? We have helped thousands of customers secure their dream car with competitive car loans. Contact us today and our customer service team can help guide you through the process.

Negotiate the best price

So you’ve found your perfect car? Always try to negotiate the price but remember this doesn’t mean that you offer silly figures as you’ll likely just get the seller offside and lead them to walk away from the potential sale.

If you’ve done your research before you start shopping you should have a good idea of the market value for that particular make, model and year. By putting in a reasonable, lower offer than the price listed you may save a bit of money – but at the very least you’ll know you’re getting a fair deal.

Take it for a good test drive

Test Drive of the car that you are interested in is so important. Ensure that you can see clearly over the dash and have a clear view to the sides and the back. There are many driver adjustments that can be tailored to your body height and shape. Spend the time getting the steering wheel right and the seat in the best position that suits you.

Go for a 15 kilometre drive. Yes, spend 15 – 20 minutes on the road to see if you feel comfortable behind the wheel and driving it. It will be too late to do this after you buy the vehicle.

We hope these tips assist you – now you’re ready to go and shop, enjoy!


Aussie Loans is one of Australia’s largest, professional and most successful finance brokers. With direct links to 20 major Australian Financial products we can tailor a loan to suit your needs. This includes personal loans; finance for cars, boats and bikes; PLUS business loans for work vehicles, lo doc loans or truck loans.

Our experienced staff are committed to providing fast friendly service, helpful advice, flexible options and great deals no matter your circumstances. Contact us today here or call us on 1300 256 267.


Used 2003 Ford Falcon XR6T BA Sedan for sale in Chermside, QLD – $9,999.00


• Vehicle 2003 FORD Falcon XR6T BA
• Price $9,999.00 DriveAway
• Condition Used
• Year 2003
• Odometer 198000 KM
• Registration 152KMV
• Transmission M
• Colour Red
• Body Style Sedan


XR 6 Turbo in a manual !!! This one owner is stock standard, has black leather with red stitching and looks mint ! Comes with current QLD rego, current road worthy certificate (RWC), all on roads Govt. charges and stamp duty included in this great price!! Fast & easy finance available. Drop in today for a test drive.

Registration Number: 152KMV

VIN Number: TBA.

$9,999.00 Drive Away

(price correct as at 9-Feb-2016)



• Dual Airbag Package
• Anti-lock Braking
• Air Conditioning
• 17 Inch Alloy Wheels
• Body Kit
• Cruise Control
• Central Locking Remote Control
• Driving Lights
• Engine Immobiliser
• Limited Slip Differential
• Leather Steering Wheel
• Power front seat Driver
• Power Mirrors
• Power Steering
• Power Windows
• Radio CD with 4 Speakers
• Rear Spoiler
• Seatbelts – Pre-tensioners Front Seats
• Sport Seats
• Sports Suspension
• Trip Computer
• Traction Control System
• 17 Inch Alloy Wheels
• Air Conditioning
• Anti-Lock Braking
• Body Kit
• Central Locking Remote Control
• Cruise Control
• Driving Lights
• Dual Airbag Package
• Engine Immobiliser
• Leather Steering Wheel
• Limited Slip Differential
• Power Front Seat Driver
• Power Mirrors
• Power Steering
• Power Windows
• Radio CD with 4 Speakers
• Rear Spoiler
• Seatbelts – Pre-Tensioners Front Seats
• Sport Seats
• Sports Suspension
• Traction Control System
• Trip Computer


Aussie Loans have been operating since 1999 and are 100% Australian owned. Our experienced staff are committed to providing fast friendly service, helpful advice, flexible options and great deals.

Contact Aussie Loans today on 1300 256 267 or via email info@aussieloans.com.au.

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Car Loans – Tips for Fast Car Loans Approval

Car Loan approvals can be complicated in the process if you are not prepared for them. However, there are things you can do that can put you into a better position to deal with this. Be as prepared as you can be and have any other borrowers going on the loan prepared as well. Knowing what is required with the lending system means you will be able to be provide all the upfront paperwork at the start which will mean you will encounter less problems and get a quicker response which will allow accessing your car loans money more quickly and easily.

Your car loan can be approved both before and after you choose your car. The basic guide for a fast loan application process is as follows:

1: Firstly prepare your documentation including proof of ID, evidence of income and confirmation of address.

Proof of ID

Applying for a car loan is a serious financial and legal commitment. Your identity must be confirmed to ensure that legal requirements are met and that the loan is secured by a person who is able to face the repayments. There is one exception to this rule and that is if you are securing an additional loan from a financial institution that you have already secured one from.

For all car loans, you need to provide 100 points of ID to the lender. Legitimate options include a drivers license, medicare card, bank card, utility bills, bank statements or other documents that have your current address and/or signature.

Evidence of income or employment

A loan is given based on the applicant’s income, living expenses and any outstanding debts. You must provide evidence to show the amount of income you make in a period of time. It should also include the type of work for e.g. full-time, part-time or self-employed. Applicable documents include:

-copies of each applicant’s most recent payslips

-a letter from an employer stating income and length of employment

-a tax return no more than 18months old

-self-employed will need profit and loss statements and/or tax assessments

2. Assets that will contribute to your financial circumstance

Because Car loans are awarded based on your financial circumstances it is important that you paint an accurate picture for the creditor. A list of your assets can increase the amount you can be loaned and or support your ability to repay a loan amount. Example assets to declare for car Loans  include:

-bank account statements

-share portfolio

-property or land registry documents

-Motor vehicles, boats or other personal effects owned


3. Debts to declare for Car Loans

Debts also need to be declared as they will be used to assess your financial viability. Loans or debts that should be disclosed include:

-Credit card debt

-Personal loans


-Study loans


4 Vehicle details for the Car Loans

The choice of vehicle depends on several factors that will inform your decision. Such things you need to consider are budget, purpose and age of vehicle. The more decisions you can make before the loan application process the more smoothly it will run.

Once you have chosen a vehicle that meets your needs your lender will require a dealer invoice, copies of the registration and proof of the insurance cover.

Keep the process in mind from the outset. Obtain your documentation at the same time you are looking for a vehicle. The two will go hand in hand in securing a loan smoothly and without major complications or delays.


Aussie Loans

Car Finance Broker versus Dealer Finance

car finance broker dealer finance

You have been looking for a vehicle of your dreams or for your business and you have found the car you want. What about finance? There is a chance you could get carried away with your find and lock yourself into a financial agreement that does not suit your lifestyle options or does not adequately take into consideration your repayment ability.

Ideally you will look into financing before you look at making a vehicle choice. However, sometimes it may require you to search for appropriate vehicles first to establish a suitable budget. So, at times, the two can go hand in hand. There are many finance options and choosing wrongly or quickly can cause major headaches as time goes on.

Let’s have a look at the two most obvious types of vehicle finance: Car Finance Broker versus Dealer Finance.

Car Finance Broker

This financial service is an independent lender outside of any particular market such as motor vehicles, boats or real estate. Their focus is on the terms, agreement and the credit amount being offered. They have an obligation to assess a debtors circumstances before offering any amount for lending.

Here are the benefits of using a car finance broker

*They offer a range of car loans for both personal and business including:



-Novated Lease

-Finance Lease

-Commercial Hire Purchase

-Chattel Mortgage

*Links to multiple lenders and partners to obtain credit – chosen by the broker and customer together

*Offer multiple finance terms to suit customer circumstance

*Professional and registered financial lenders


Disadvantages of Car Finance Brokers

*Co-ordinate the offers from multiple lenders they may prioritise particular lenders

*They offer multiple loans and may not have extensive expertise with car loans compared with Car Dealer Finance

*They do not have direct access to vehicle purchasing


Dealer Finance

This financial service is directly related to the car dealer and offers a financial service in order to sell the vehicles on their lot. As such using dealer finance means you are subject to the vehicles available to them. They are aware of financial competition and do work with the customer to find appealing financial agreements to suit their needs.

Here are the benefits of using Car Dealer Finance

*They are well educated in the value of vehicles for purchase

*They specialise in car loans and finance and are aware of potential issues and advantages

*Interest rates available through other institutions are matched by car dealers

*Convenience of obtaining finance at the venue for purchase


Disadvantages of using Car Dealer Finance

* Harder to negotiate on the purchase price of the car – potential to pay hundreds of dollars or even a few thousand dollars more than using non dealer finance.

*Limited lines of credit available which means less flexibility in rates and repayment schedules

*Inflated loan establishment fees

*Monthly loan account fees

*Penalties for paying loan off early


Overall any financial choices should be done with research and preparedness. This is a serious commitment that you must be sure you can fulfil. Seek advice from both car dealers and financial brokers to determine the deal which best suits your needs.