This form has been designed to calculate monthly living expenses which are required under current legislation for our Financiers to assess your eligibility for the loan. Monthly living expenses are an important part of your loan application and assist the Financier to make sure the loan amount is right for you and you can afford the repayments.

Notes: When completing the information below please consider existing expenses that you will continue to incur as well as any new expenses that you will have after the loan is funded.

Your living expenses are fixed bills, your day to day costs and discretionary spending. If you are married or in a defacto relationship you need to account for the full amount of joint costs (not just your share if costs are split)

You are responsible for ensuring that the form is fully completed and all the information provided is correct and accurate. The information provided by you will be forwarded to our Financiers to be used in their assessment of your suitability for the loan. Should the Financier believe that all or some of the information provided by you is not accurate the Financier may at their discretion reject your finance application. It is important to note that the Financiers will not accept any changes to your original statement.

Do you share living expenses?(Required)


Please list expenses for the entire household, not just the applicant’s share. If a category is not applicable, please enter ‘0’.
Do not leave blank. Please do not include liabilities or expenses which have been included in your loan application for example rent.
Include groceries, take-away food, coffee, dining out, food delivery services e.g. Uber Eats, Deliveroo, Menulog
Include electricity, gas, water, council rates, home maintenance and repairs, housekeeper
Include mobile phone, internet, landline, subscription services such as Foxtel, Netflix, Spotify, Stan
Include sport, holidays, movies, electronic games, electronics, books, newspapers, hobbies, gifts, culture e.g. theatre, shows
Include school fees (excluding private/non-government),uniforms, books, excursions, extra-curricular activities, sport, child care, babysitting, professional development, courses, higher education and professional development
Include tuition fees, university fees, school and sport fees for private schooling, tutors.
Include allowances paid to them, payments for motor vehicle expenses for cars not owned by you
Include pet food, grooming, minding services, health and care products, pet insurance, vet bills
Include vehicle registration, fuel, maintenance, roadside assist, parking, tolls, public transport costs, taxi, ride share (e.g. Uber), car hire or rental
Include clothing, shoes, accessories, hairdresser, hair and beauty products
Include Doctor, Dentist, Physiotherapy, Optical, Chiropractor, Alternative therapies, medicines and gym membership
Include vehicle insurance, home &/or contents insurance, income protection insurance, life insurance, travel insurance, health insurance, recreational vehicle insurance and other costs (boats, caravans, trailers, jet ski, etc.)
Include payments made by you to help with the costs of your child/ren aged under 18 years old not living with you.
Include landlord insurance, maintenance and repairs, body corporate fees, land tax, building insurance, property management, council rates, utilities.
Include smoking, drinking, gambling, SPER
DD slash MM slash YYYY
All statements are made in good faith and we believe that they are accurate and reliable. Aussie Bike Auto & Boat Loans Pty Ltd, the Directors, employees and their representatives do not accept any liability for any error or omission in the information provided or for any resulting loss or damage suffered by the recipient or any other person. By signing this form you accept sole responsibility for the correctness of the information you have provided.