New Car SalesNew Car Sales

New Car Sales provide you with a great buying experience, one that doesn’t happen every day.

Hopefully with New Car Sales, after the negotiating has finished, you will look back and have had some fun and enjoyment when buying your new vehicle.

How you and top sellers make the New Car sales process fun.

Automotive sales training by the new car sales person, on how to give a great new car sales presentation to you, will make buying the car fun and enjoyable.

When you go to a New Car Sale, the dealer doesn’t always knows what you want the car to do for you. You need to engage in constructive communication with them.

Now you can use that information to give yourself  the best sales experience that you have ever had, and enjoy making the process easy.

Gain Agreement to the list of needs, wants, and desires they have given you.

The New Car Sales person should have in front of you a list of the benefits the buyer wants.

…Not just the features. The benefits they want are far more important.

Gaining agreement to the benefits they want is an important part of the new car sales closing process.

This is professional presentation that is done throughout the sale.

The car sales presentation

The mental process you will have been going through with the new car sales person should have pointed you towards a particular make, model, size, colour of car. You’re an expert on the cars you sell.

This is a great start for everyone, but remember to stay flexible.

New Car Sales

Do you really know the difference between a Feature and a Benefit

This is a must know part of any prospective buyer. A feature is something the car does or has. For example, the car has air conditioning, this is a feature.

A benefit is what the feature does for the driver. Air conditioning ensures the customer will be comfortable no matter what the temperature is outside.


A customer might ask you about air bags. (a Feature). They want the airbags to do something for them. (the Benefit) Why do you want airbags. You  may answer, we want the safety the airbags offer for their children.

They want the benefits-

What the customer wants is safety for their children, not airbags.

You should know all about the features that can supply the benefit that you want.

The New Car Sales person should explain how airbags may not be the best feature to keep the children safe if an accident occurs.

This is a great exercise that will train your mind to instantly make these connections between features and benefits.

Keep it interesting-

Don’t be bored by the New Car Sales person with their technical knowledge. Simply ask for the feature the benefits.

How to get the best new car sales presentation you’ve ever had.

You will be asked by the New Car Sales person, Tell me what you’re looking for? You will answer with whatever is most important to you at the time.

So if you mention, affordable, in your first answer, you advise price and budget are a major need.

A really effective automotive sales training tip, is to present the benefits the buyer wants, back to them in the same order they gave them to you in the questioning stage of the car sales process. So affordable would be top of your presentation list, because the buyer put it there.

There are other reasons for doing this, related to good sales communication skills. This car sales technique gets your presentation over to the buyer in a way that they can best take it in.

You don’t need to get tangled up in the psychology of why it works. You just need to know that this automotive sales training works.

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