Portable Building Loans

Aussie Loans specialise in Portable Building Loans. We offer quick and competitive loans Australia wide. No matter where you decide to live – take your home with you.

Fast and convenient loan process for any type of demountable, modular or relocatable home. Apply online with Aussie Loans.

Client Testimonial

Here’s what Jackie, a recent client, had to say about our services.

“Aussie Loans provided us with efficient service and there were no communication barriers.” – Jackie, November 2017

Where do you live? Peak Hill, between Dubbo and Griffith in Central New South Wales.

How did you find out about Aussie Loans? It’s not always easy to find what you’re looking for when you live remotely but thanks to a quick search on the internet I was able to find Aussie Loans.

How would you rate the service from Aussie Loans? 5/5. The communication was great! Aussie Loans were consistent in their communication and very helpful throughout the whole loan process.

How do Aussie Loans finance rates compare? Their rates were excellent if not better than all the others we had looked at previously.

What type of building did you purchase? We breed puppies, so we needed extra space for the growing litters we are expecting. The demountable gives us a nice warm place for the puppies to sleep in when they are first born.



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