Dirt Bike Finance

Aussie Loans can help you secure the best rates on a dirt bike finance or quad bike loan.

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Cheap Dirt Bike Loan

“A big Thank you to the team at Aussie Loans for making it possible for me to purchase a Raptor 90 dirt bike and for putting a smile on my children’s faces.” – Kaylene, December 2017

5 Star Review Dirt Bike Loan

Where do you live? Coen, Cape York, Queensland

What type of vehicle was your loan for? A quad bike – Raptor 90 dirt bike – for the kids.

How did you hear about Aussie Loans? I was recommended to Aussie Loans by a family member.

Out of 5, how would you rate Aussie Loans? 5/5 for sure. They have really great staff – my broker was just fantastic. Prompt service and communication.

What do you plan on using the bike for? The kids will absolutely love the Raptor. This bike is for fun, we have lots of great places to take it off-road around where we live. It will also get a work out on holidays and bigger road trips around the Cape.

How did Aussie Loans finance rates compare? They got me a good deal with lower rates than what I’d researched or could get on my own.

Quad Bike Finance

Skip the messy paperwork and apply online now for quad bike finance or a dirt bike loan!


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