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Online Used Car Loan Redlands

Kylie from Wellington Point in the Redlands was looking to buy a second hand car to get to and from work, and to use in her free time.

Aussie Loans helped Kylie secure a great interest rate on her used car loan, with fast approvals and easy low repayments.

We asked Kylie to tell us about her experience dealing with Aussie Loans, and here’s what she said!


“Aussie Loans provide a great, friendly, and efficient service with competitive rates and a seamless application process.” – Kylie, April 2018

Wellington Point Used Car Finance

How did you find out about Aussie Loans?

It took me a couple of weeks to find out about Aussie Loans. Luckily, the car dealership where I bought my 2009 Ford Mondeo recommended Aussie Loans.

What impressed you the most about Aussie Loans?

The staff at Aussie Loans were great and offered prompt, friendly service and were fantastic communicators.

The application process was a breeze and I found that Aussie Loans had the best interest rates.

How does Aussie Loans compare to other finance providers?

Aussie Loans offer better interest rates and better communication than others in the market.

How would you rate Aussie Loans? Would you recommend Aussie Loans to others?

5/5 stars. Yes! recommend Aussie Loans to others.

Used Car Loan Wellington Point

If you’re looking for great interest rates, easy repayments, and fast approvals on a new or used car loan. Contact the expert lending team at Aussie Loans on 1300 256 267.

We’ll take the hassle out of used car finance. Skip the messy paperwork and simply apply online today for a used car loan Wellington Point!

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